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I am Elizaye, a digital artist that is now also stretching to voice acting and gaming. My content variates from all between these but for now Pateron is dedicated to drawing rewards. Who knows what future will bring! Horror is one of the subject I enjoy drawing, so browse with caution! I hope you can still enjoy my creative works!

Below you can find links to my commission info, merch and socials.

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If you have Discord, feel free to join and follow how my projects are going:

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Every link will take you to the Teespring store and give you more options for the design.

Psst! Also available as a mask!

My secondary portfolio.

Active. A good way to follow my art.


Submitting art here, might not be active on replying.

Not active anymore.

Not active anymore.

Mostly sending SFW.

Toyhou.se is for keeping my characters organized.

Picarto.TV is a place designed for art live streaming, but you can occasionally stream gaming.

Twitch is a platform for gaming. I might someday start using it more.

You can find videos between Earth and Heaven. It don't have any specific type of videos.

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