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Please make sure to read this before commissioning me. If there is something you are unsure of, feel free to send me e-mail:


  • One additional character is half of the price
  • Complexity add is + 30€ or more depending on details
  • All pictures start off as no bg / simple bg. Depending on complexity bg price will variate.
  • Client will get the full resolution picture. Please let me know what the image is for (ex. printing, merch, personal etc.)
  • A sketch is showed before further progress
  • Payment in euros via PayPal (you pay the Paypal fee and Paypal converts currency for you)
  • Please be patient with me! Depending on a work, it might variate from a week to a month, in some cases more.
  • If there is something I don't know or have experience with, I will study it (this adds more time to the work)
  • Please do not get mad if I decline your offer

What I can draw

  • Humans and humanoids
  • Feral and anthros
  • Dragons
  • Intimidating, maybe even scary looking beasts
  • Ship art
  • OC, FanArt
  • Custom designs (without ref images, +50€ to the work)
  • Armor and weapons
  • Cyborg and mechanic can be negotiated
  • Spiritual art (Christianity)
  • Cute stuff

What I won't do

  • NSFW or fetish
  • Gore
  • Offensive pictures or hate art
  • Copy another picture or tracing
  • Politics
  • Demons
  • Witchcraft
  • Voodoo
  • gods
  • Vent

If you are unsure if your idea is ok, feel free to ask.


When e-mailing, fill out this format:

Order: (ex. Painted fullbody with an additional character)
Character name(s): (Name here)
Character info: (You can add here something about your character. Posing, character traits, extra info etc. However don't make it too long and keep it on point.)
Reference: (Link to your character's picture, unless it is a custom design.)
Additional character info: (If you got some. Otherwise you don't need this)

Unless you have a specific job offer, the form is not so necessary but please introduce what the work is about.

Tell me clearly what you wish to get.
Show me a reference of the character clear as possible that shows all the needed details.
For close working projects it is possible to communicate via Discord.


I wish you to understand working on a piece will consume time. Please be patienced and do not hurry or remind me of the work.

  • I expect you have read all this before contacting me.
  • You tell me what you want.
  • I will tell how much it will cost and I will send you an invoice through PayPal.
  • I make the sketch and show it to you. You may tell me what you wish to be changed before proceeding.
  • There will be no refund after starting the work.
  • When finished, there is still a chance to make minor changes if I missed something.
  • You will be given the full resolution with and without signature.

Please use the signatured version if you want to share the work on internet.


  • With PayPal only
  • Refunding is not an option
  • Payment as euros €
  • You will pay the Paypal fee
  • Partial payment in some cases are negotiable


You may use your picture on personal uses but please, do not claim it to be yours. Crediting is necessary. If you want to use it for commercial use, it needs to be mentioned while making an agreement.

  • You may use it on your desktop, phone, website, YouTube video, Facebook etc.
  • You may not claim the art to be yours and need to credit me. You can use my website
  • If you want to use it for commercial or reproducing purposes, you'll need to talk about the usage with me before using it.

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